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Employee Resource Groups

A priority of the Ingalls Shipbuilding Human Capital strategy is to encourage both diversity and inclusion within our work force across all levels. Not only are we committed to attracting diverse talent to Ingalls Shipbuilding, we also strive to develop all our employees in ways that give each employee opportunities to succeed and contribute to our long-term success.

Ingalls Shipbuilding fosters diversity and inclusion by offering several Employee Resource Groups that are committed to supporting our company’s values and the diversity policy. These groups are composed of, organized, and managed by employees. They strive to build personal relationships and professional networks to assist the company with strategic business goals. ERGs are a key part of Ingalls Shipbuilding’s diversity and inclusion strategy and framework. These volunteer groups of employees come together to provide their members with opportunities for networking, community outreach, and professional development. ERGs are open to all employees.

Valuing diversity and inclusion is a critical component of a high performing shipbuilding culture. That culture, strengthened by diversity and inclusion, provides an array of solutions and strategies to meet real world challenges. These solutions, which come from fully respecting and engaging every employee, will drive our success as the shipbuilder of choice.

Any questions please contact Carlos Moulds 228-935-2328.

All employees are eligible to join employee resource groups. To apply for membership, select an ERG below and enter your information.