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Who We Are

Why Ingalls Shipbuilding?

Ingalls Shipbuilding is located in Pascagoula, Mississippi on 800 acres of the most important real estate in America. With 11,500 employees, Ingalls is the largest manufacturing employer in Mississippi and a major contributor to the economic growth of both Mississippi and Alabama. Our 82-year legacy has continuously proven we have the talent, experience and facilities to simultaneously build more classes of ships than any other shipyard in America.

We are the builder-of-record for the Aegis DDG 51 class guided missile destroyers, LHA 6 class large deck amphibious ships, National Security Cutters for the U.S. Coast Guard and the sole builder of the Navy’s fleet of San Antonio (LPD 17) class amphibious assault ships. Ingalls Shipbuilding has what it takes to build the capital ships that keep America and our allies safe.

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Ingalls Shipbuilding Overview

The Men & Women of Ingalls Shipbuilding

800 Acres of Talent. Experience. Facilities.

Ingalls Shipbuilding, founded in 1938, has been building ships that protect our nation for 82 years. Located in Pascagoula, Mississippi, on 800 acres of the most important real estate in America, Ingalls Shipbuilding is building tomorrow’s fleet TODAY. Download a pdf of this ad

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Ingalls Shipbuilding has had a long standing relationship with the schools throughout the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana offering insight into our role in creating freedom, one ship at a time. We value these as opportunities to engage students and introduce them to Ingalls long before they graduate high school.

While we are currently unable to offer onsite tours and seminars to our local students, we have the ability to engage and interact with you virtually. Click here to request a virtual visit