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Celebrate Diversity in 2022

More than 11,000 shipbuilders make up the Ingalls Shipbuilding workforce.

Our team is capable, flexible, and diverse. Treating each other with respect, dignity and fairness is the key to bringing together talented people and achieving our common goal. You are an integral part of that team. You help us get the job done and you matter. You BELONG.

Understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is at the core of what makes us great at Ingalls Shipbuilding. But what does that mean?

  • What is diversity? A collective of differences and similarities that includes individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, and behaviors.
  • What is equity? The guarantee of fair treatment, advancement, opportunity and access for all individuals while striving to identify and eliminate barriers.
  • What is inclusion? To authentically bring traditionally excluded individuals and/or groups into processes, activities, and decision/policy making in a way that shares power.

It means we are stronger when we acknowledge and celebrate our different backgrounds and how they shape our perspectives, at work and in our personal lives. It means we have a sense of belonging. When we feel comfortable being our authentic selves at work, we bring our best ideas to the table, we feel like we BELONG.

Think about what this looks like for you. Where do you BELONG? In 2022, challenge yourself to seek opportunities to celebrate diversity in the workplace. Spread AWARENESS of things that matter to you. Share EDUCATION opportunities with your work group. Encourage ADVOCACY so everyone at the table has a voice.

BELONG is a new DE&I campaign for 2022. For more information on Ingalls Shipbuilding’s DE&I efforts and how you can get involved in an employee resource group (ERG), watch the IngallsConnect App for updates and event announcements.