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Apprentices are selected and hired to the program as vacancies occur. On-the-job training and courses begin immediately after hire. Academic course work begins within the first six months of apprenticeship.

1. Meet Requirements

All applicants will be screened by the Ingalls Shipbuilding Employment Office for security and employability. Employment will contact applicants if they are denied employment. Online applications are then sent to the Ingalls Apprentice School Admissions Office for further screening and educational verification. If an applicant meets the requirements, they are then called for an intake interview, where original documents must be submitted.
Applicants must submit an online application.

2. Apply Online

Submit an online application

  1. Go to buildyourcareer.com
  2. Click on Apprentices
  3. Click on Start Your Search
  4. Look for the “APPRENTICE” opening with Ingalls Shipbuilding
  5. If available click on “Apply to job” to complete the application process

To qualify for consideration for The Ingalls Apprentice School, applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Submit High School Transcript or GED Transcript with test scores
  • State issued Driver’s License or ID
  • Military Discharge Papers (DD214) if you have ever served active duty in the Armed Services
  • Be physically able to perform the essential duties of the shipbuilding discipline requested or assigned
  • Be able to obtain the proper security clearance and be a United States person

For questions call Ingalls Apprentice School Admissions Staff:
Sherri Kovar (228) 935-0917
Shelley McElroy (228) 935-7330