Vaccine Availability

As part of our continuing efforts to provide a safe workplace, including our efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic, we are continuing to work closely with state and local agencies and Singing River Health System (SRHS) to create opportunities to make the vaccine available for our employees, dependents (18+), contractors and U.S. Navy & Coast Guard customers.

Consistent with applicable guidelines and availability, Singing River Health System will administer vaccines on-site, to all Ingalls employees, their dependents (18+), contractors and U.S. Navy & Coast Guard customers. The vaccines will be administered on Thursday, April 15, from 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Ingalls Shipbuilding COVID Testing Facility on West Jerry St. Pe’ Highway.

What to expect?

Employees will need to provide:

    • Name, badge number, mobile number, preferred vaccine time

Employee dependents (18+), contractors and U.S. Navy & Coast Guard customers provide:

    • Name, mobile number, preferred vaccine time

Once the form is submitted, Ingalls medical will provide the information to SRHS. Singing River will not send an appointment confirmation. Please arrive at your selected time on the registration form.

Vaccination appointments are non-chargeable. Management-approved FLEX, PTO or vacation are required during the entire vaccination process if occurring during your scheduled work hours. 

Request an appointment

No medical information is collected or stored by Ingalls.

Why I Got the Vaccine: Dorothy Shaw

Dorothy Shaw, director, Compliance, Ethics, EEO/DE&I, was hesitant to get the COVID vaccine until her brother, a medical practitioner, told her, that a metal rod in her arm is temporary, but death is everlasting.

Why I Got the Vaccine: Lance Davis

Communications manager Lance Davis said he was inspired to get the vaccine after his elderly mother drove herself to a vaccine site to receive both doses. He said getting the vaccine fits into Ingalls and HII’s top priority: Safety.

Why I Got the Vaccine: Sophronia Wilson

Sophronia Wilson, a nurse at the Ingalls hospital, said she chose to get the vaccine to prevent her from catching COVID a second time.

Why I Got the Vaccine: Robert Wroten

Robert Wroten, director, General Manufacturing, said getting the COVID vaccine was a no-brainer because the science backed up its safety. He now says he’s an example for others because he’s had both doses with no adverse side effects.