Vaccine Availability


The health of everyone in our shipyard community is vital to the critical role we play in defending freedom. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect ourselves, our loved ones and every one of our team members. If you are vaccinated, Ingalls will say “thank you” by awarding 8 hours of vacation/PTO.

Vaccinated on site? There is nothing you need to do.  Your vacation/PTO will be added starting within 2 weeks.

Not vaccinated on site? Here is how to claim your vacation/PTO:

Simply submit your vaccination card using one of the methods below. Send a picture of the front and back of your card along with your name and badge number:

*phone number and email are within Ingalls secure network

Questions about the vaccine? Call the Ingalls medical department at 228-935-1922.

Not yet vaccinated? Register for an upcoming vaccination event now. Get vaccinated by October 8th to receive 8 hours vacation/PTO.

Vaccinations are available on Thursdays from 1-4pm. Register HERE:

For more information and terms and conditions, click HERE .

Submission of false vaccination information is considered falsification of a company record and will result in discipline up to and including termination.

Why I Got the Vaccine: Dorothy Shaw

Dorothy Shaw, director, Compliance, Ethics, EEO/DE&I, was hesitant to get the COVID vaccine until her brother, a medical practitioner, told her, that a metal rod in her arm is temporary, but death is everlasting.

Why I Got the Vaccine: Lance Davis

Communications manager Lance Davis said he was inspired to get the vaccine after his elderly mother drove herself to a vaccine site to receive both doses. He said getting the vaccine fits into Ingalls and HII’s top priority: Safety.

Why I Got the Vaccine: Sophronia Wilson

Sophronia Wilson, a nurse at the Ingalls hospital, said she chose to get the vaccine to prevent her from catching COVID a second time.

Why I Got the Vaccine: Robert Wroten

Robert Wroten, director, General Manufacturing, said getting the COVID vaccine was a no-brainer because the science backed up its safety. He now says he’s an example for others because he’s had both doses with no adverse side effects.