Kari Wilkinson

Vice President, Program Management

Kari Wilkinson

Kari is the Vice President, Program Management. Named to this position in May 2016, Kari and her team are responsible for all program execution, financial performance and solicitations of the portfolio of ships built by Ingalls Shipbuilding.

Kari began her career with Ingalls in 1996 as an Associate Naval Architect, coordinating the efforts of Engineering and Operations in support of major shipbuilding production events and milestones.

After developing a better understanding of the integration and delivery aspects of shipbuilding, Kari worked closely with the business development and concept design communities on requirements definition and preliminary ship design for both domestic and international customers. Kari also supported the Israeli Navy project, working both overseas and in Washington DC with the customer and primary subcontractor for the program.

In 2004, Kari was named Director of Sector Administration, reporting directly to the President of the company. In this rotational position, she was responsible for schedule and logistics support to the President as well as direct action item coordination with the senior staff on his behalf.

Kari was then appointed as the Operations Director responsible for coordinating equipment recovery as a result of the damage incurred by Hurricane Katrina. This included prioritization of products and processes, as well as management of the equipment scope, budget and support to the insurance adjudication required for the successful restoration of the facility.

In 2007, Kari was named Ship Program Manager with the San Antonio class LPD Program. In this role, she had overall responsibility, accountability and authority for safety, quality, cost, schedule, technical compliance and risk for three ship programs: San Diego (LPD 22); Arlington (LPD 24); and most recently, John P. Murtha (LPD 26).

A native of Jenison, Michigan, Kari graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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