Contractor’s Environmental, Health & Safety Information

Ingalls Shipbuilding is committed to providing a safe environment for all persons visiting or working at Ingalls. All suppliers engaged to perform services, at any Ingalls Shipbuilding facility, are required to meet minimum safety standards, prior to contract award, as defined in the Environmental, Health & Safety Instructions and General Operating Rules for Contractors and Subcontractors and are expected to maintain those standards for the duration of service performance.

Additionally, suppliers are expected to have effective safety programs, that will be reviewed by Ingalls EH&S organization, with monitoring processes established to assure compliance with all applicable laws, governing regulations, and manufacturing site specifications that are applicable to contracted work performance.

The Environmental, Health & Safety Handbook and Contractor Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Program was developed to assist potential and existing contractors in these areas. The instructions are intended for general guidance only and does not negate or substitute the responsibility of the contractor or subcontractor to have a managed Environmental, Health & Safety program.

EH&S Contact Information:

Safety: 228-935-2100