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a. SPARS – (Shipbuilding Partners and Suppliers) A secure website stood up by IBM where suppliers can submit their software documents electronically.

b. Software (SDRL/DID – Subcontractor Data Requirements List/Data Item Description ) – Technical documents requiring Huntington Ingalls Industries – Ingalls Shipbuilding’s review and approval.

  • Examples of Software documents: your drawings, procedures, test reports, Vendor Information Requests (VIRs), and Vendor Procedure Approval Requests (VPARs).

Advantages to using SPARS:

  • You will receive a tracking number
  • Timely Status updates
  • Shortened lead time for receiving NNS’ response to software submittals
  • Easy access to previous submittals
  • Ability to manage your companies’ account (adding users, etc)

Ingalls Shipbuilding SPARS website (https://spars.huntingtoningalls.com/ngcspars/Auth)

Supplier Training available Upon Request ([email protected])

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it cost me to use SPARS?
A: No, there is no fee to use SPARS.

Q: Can I have more than one person sign up?
Yes! You can add many users within your company.

Q: How do I get signed up?
A: To gain access, please email [email protected] .

Q: Once I log in, where do I go to submit a technical document?
Click on the contract VFI process module you are working on to choose the PO “Supplier View” link to upload your software submittal.

Q: What if my account does not show the correct contract VFI module?
A: Please send email to [email protected] to have the Ingalls SPARS administrator add your SPARS account to that contract.

To gain access or to receive further information about SPARS, please contact us at [email protected].

**Please note that Classified, NOFORN or NNPI documents are not permitted to be transmitted via SPARS. Contact your buyer if you are not sure whether your material is Classified, NOFORN or NNPI.