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Survivable, capable, reliable, adaptable and affordable

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Precious Cargo

lpd_precious_cargoKeeping our military safe takes a ship as formidable as the LPD 17 San Antonio class of amphibious warships.

The brave Sailors and Marines who protect our nation’s security deserve nothing less than a ship that is adaptable, flexible and reliable. Most importantly, they deserve to serve on ships that can take them harm’s way and bring them safely home.

They deserve a class of warships as capable as LPD 17.

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LPD 17, the able class


RELIABLE. Proven warfighter designed to operate independently or as part of an Amphibious Readiness Group

CAPABLE. Substantial payload of tanks, helicopters, Ospreys, hovercraft and support equipment

ADAPTABLE. Multi-disciplinary role for amphibious, air, land and sea around the world with little or no additional fleet support

SURVIVABLE. Strong hull with multi-layered protection systems reduces vulnerability to assault to bring our sailors and Marines home safely

AFFORDABLE. Keeps a hot production line and stable vendor base maximizing efficiency, resulting in reduced costs

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