Why Apprentice?

Hear From Our Top Students

“This is a great program that prepared me for a career in the shipyard. The emphasis is on safety and first-time quality. I work safely because I want to go home to my wife and kids at the end of the day. First-time quality is important to me because my name is on the work I do.

Jonathan Brewer, Pipe Welder
Outstanding Apprentice of the Year, Class of 2016





jason_carter“What You Do Today Matters means that the job you perform should last a lifetime. The quality you put down today might affect somebody’s life or a crew’s life somewhere in the future. We’re building ships for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard to protect our country. That matters.”

Jason Carter, Welder
Outstanding Apprentice of the Year, Class of 2015

brandon_hamilton“I’m a fourth-generation Ingalls shipbuilder, so I grew up hearing about the shipyard and wanted to become a part of it. I felt that a large company like Ingalls Shipbuilding would offer a chance for me to move up and find greater opportunities. I learned many things and got a well-rounded experience in the Apprentice Program. Working with different foremen and crews in many areas of the ship has taught me new ways to work with a team and other valuable skills that I can take with me wherever I go at Ingalls.”

Brandon Hamilton, Electrician 
Outstanding Apprentice of the Year, Class of 2014

jeffrey_mowrey“The apprentice program gave me the knowledge I need to do my job with quality and confidence. It helped with the aspects of the job that aren’t necessarily part of the hands-on work, such as formulas for figuring out certain things, as well as general knowledge about shipbuilding that we don’t see while we’re pipefitting. You get a lot more in-depth information than what you see out on the job. It helps you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, rather than just how. I had some good instructors who were very helpful.  It was a great experience.”    

Jeffrey Mowrey, Pipefitter 
Outstanding Apprentice of the Year, Class of 2013

Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves

Why ApprenticeAdvancement in the apprenticeship wage schedule is based on the length of participation in the apprentice program. All overtime hours go towards the apprentice’s hours worked. The top-out pay at apprentice completion is $23.40 an hour. Apprentices attend class 1 day per week for 4.5 hours.



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