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welder_wideWELDERS learn proper welding procedures, processes and how to prepare various types of AC and DC electric arc welding equipment.




Course Description


1 Introduction to Shipbuilding and Blueprints This course provides instruction in basic shipbuilding, blueprint reading and the process of ship design and planning. 72
2 Naval Architecture and Ship Structure Principles of ship construction and terminology. 72
3 Welding Procedures 1 This course is designed to introduce to welder apprentices the basic machine types and set up with a Focus on the SMAW / TIG welding processes. 36
4 Welding Procedures 2 This course is designed to introduce welder apprentices to advanced welding principles with a focus on the FCAW/GMAW welding processes. 36
5 SMAW and FCAW Processes This course is designed to teach a basic knowledge of the accessory equipment used in semi-automatic welding processes. 72
6 Journeyman Essentials for Weld This course will familiarize the Apprentice with information and knowledge about weld cost, definitions and terms, welding joint design, filler metal selection, welding symbols, visual inspections, and weld defects. In addition, this course will provide the student with the understanding of “Work Orders” and “Physical Progression”. 36
7 Principles of Management This course is designed to prepare the graduating apprentice to be a leader in the company. The course covers the “day to day” operations of a foremen as well as training scenarios designed to prepare the apprentice for situations he/she will face in a manager’s role. 72