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Pipe Welders

pipe_welder_widePIPE WELDERS in the marine industry are widely considered “masters of the craft.” Pipe welders in shipbuilding are required to weld more types of metal in more types of positions than any other pipe welders. Pipe welders work in all phases of ship construction. Pipe welder apprentices are trained in the fundamental skills of blueprint reading, burning and welding. Pipe welders become certified with the U.S. Navy to use the SMAW (stick welding) and GTAW (tig welding) processes for various types of material. Ingalls pipe welders are required to become expert “mirror welders.”




Course Description


1 Welding Theory and Techniques This course is designed to give the apprentice the basic knowledge of the shielded Metal Arc (SMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAQ) and Gas Metal Arc (GMAQ) welding processes. 72
2 Naval Architecture and Ship Structure Principles of ship construction and terminology. 72
3 Pipe Welding Shop This course is designed to teach the apprentice the safe and proper techniques for: Burning, Plasma Arc Cutting, Carbon Arc Gouging and Mirror Welding. 72
4 Marine System Integration This course is designed to give the Apprentice the basic knowledge of the welding procedures used at Ingalls Shipbuilding. 72
5 Introduction to Shipbuilding and Blueprints This course provides instruction in basic shipbuilding, blueprint reading and the process of ship design and planning. 72
6 Blueprint Reading for Pipe This course is designed to introduce the apprentice to blueprint reading techniques and principles. This course covers in detail all the major areas of blueprint reading required by the specified craft. 72
7 Principles of Management This course is designed to prepare the graduating apprentice to be a leader in the company. The course covers the “day to day” operations of a foremen as well as training scenarios designed to prepare the apprentice for situations he/she will face in a manager’s role. 72