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painter_widePAINTERS are trained as experts in the painting processes, from proper preparation techniques to the ever-changing weather conditions such as dew points and relative humidity.




Course Description


1 Surface Preparation This course is designed to introduce the apprentice to abrasive blasting techniques, machine cleaning and other means of surface preparation as well as the pretreatment of the different types of surfaces used marine applications. Upon completion of this course the apprentice will receive their SSPC-QP1 certification card. 72
2 Spray Painting An introduction of the use of coating systems for the protection of steel surfaces, describes powder coating, materials, application methods, substrates and curing techniques. 72
3 Environmental Health and Safety This course is designed to provide the apprentice with the basic information needed to understand safety problems within the painting trade. The apprentice will also gain a better understanding of environmental issues and how they are responsible for safety and reducing environmental issues. 72
4 Inspection Fundamentals This course is designed to instruct the apprentices on proper job inspection techniques. The apprentices will also be taught what constitutes as marine coating quality defects and how to recognize defects. Apprentice will be instructed on proper procedures when using test equipment and instruments needed to verify compliance with inspection standards. 72
5 Naval Architecture and Ship Structure Principles of ship construction and terminology. 72
6 Principles of Management This course is designed to prepare the graduating apprentice to be a leader in the company. The course covers the “day to day” operations of a foremen as well as training scenarios designed to prepare the apprentice for situations he/she will face in a manager’s role. 72