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BOILERMAKERS learn to use multiple tools, machines, and blueprints when they become members of the boilermaker team. Their job tasks involve layout, fitting, tack welding, service burning, and metal grinding. A boilermaker fits the plates and shapes that make up the ship structure.





Course Description


1 Technical Math Covers major aspects of practical math including basic arithmetic, trigonometry, and geometry. 72
2 Introduction to Shipbuilding and Blueprints This course provides instruction in basic shipbuilding, blueprint reading and the process of ship design and planning. 72
3 Blueprint Reading for Shipfitters This course is designed to introduce the apprentice to blueprint reading techniques and principles. This course covers in detail all the major areas of blueprint reading required by the specified craft. 40
4 Fundamentals of Drafting This course is designed to introduce the apprentice to graphic language from the basics of free-hand sketches to multi-view and working drawings using the most common tools of the drafting trade. 72
5 Naval Architecture and Ship Structure Principles of ship construction and terminology. 72
6 Marine System Integration This course is designed to provide the basic information that an apprentice must understand on how major marine systems operate  and function along with the shipboard equipment. 72
7 Journeyman Essentials for Shipfitters This course is designed to introduce various cutting and burning processes, plasma arc cutting, advanced structural print reading, fitting, reference control lines and basic level surveying. The apprentice will be able to successfully and safely demonstrate proper Ingalls Shipbuilding practices and procedures to NAVAL requirements. 72