DDG 1000 Composites


Marine Composite Research, Development and Construction

DDG 1000 is the Navy's next generation multi-mission destroyer, tailored for littoral, air and sub-surface warfare. The DDG 1000 design incorporates advanced ship and weapon systems technologies. Although larger than the DDG 51 class, it has a smaller crew. The ship is designed with an integrated, all-electric drive & contains new technologies & systems which are designed to be incorporated into future ship classes.

Ingalls Shipbuilding is the sole provider of the composite deckhouses and hangars for the DDG 1000 Zumwalt class destroyers, at our Marine Composite Research, Development and Construction Facility, and is also building the aft Peripheral Vertical Launch Modules (PVLS) for all Zumwalt-class ships.

Gulfport's Composite Center of Excellence

Ingalls Shipbuilding Delivers Composite Deckhouse for Zumwalt (DDG 1000)

The deckhouse structure will be integrated to join the other eight of nine "ultra units" making up DDG 1000. This is a process that is similar to the integration process already used with the LPD masts. Steel base plates that are bolted to the composite structure will be welded to the steel hull of DDG 1000. Ingalls delivered the composite hangar and the aft peripheral vertical launch system units for DDG 1000 and has begun work on the composite components for DDG 1001.

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