Apprentice Graduation

Apprentice Graduation is an annual event celebrating the graduating class of the Ingalls Apprentice School. Enrollment for the Apprentice School is competitive and students work full-time while learning their trade through classes and on-the-job training. Apprentice graduates, their families and friends, are recognized each year at this event, joined by Ingalls leaders and community members alike.

The Future of Ingalls Shipbuilding


Ingalls Apprentice School Class of 2016 Celebrates Graduation

Thousands of applicants vie for only hundreds of spots in the various Ingalls Apprentice School programs. This prestigious workforce development training program has produced nearly 5,000 graduates since its inception in 1952. Ingalls Shipbuilding hosts commencement ceremonies to celebrate the achievements of the graduating classes. Graduates, their families, Ingalls senior staff, union and community leaders gather to recognize the individuals who have become journeymen in their crafts. Ingalls Shipbuilding president, Brian Cuccias gave the graduates a valuable piece of advice:

“As graduate apprentices, your future is full of tremendous opportunities—in shipbuilding and in life. Anyone can make the right decision when it’s easy. Real leaders make the right decision when it’s hard and no one is looking. I challenge you to take the responsibility as a leader. Choose to make a difference and be an example for others. As I look out across this room, I am encouraged by what our future holds. Don’t lose the momentum, because you are the future of Ingalls Shipbuilding, and what you do today—and every day—really does matter.”

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2016 Apprentice Graduation Highlights